What are we looking for?

If you are new to modeling or a professional looking to expand your portfolio we are always looking for models that fit looks that range from business to casual to trendy fashion.

What are you looking for?

What’s missing fom your portfolio? What images would you like to add? Do you just want to try out modeling? You tell us.

Do I have to look like a model to be a model?

No, it doesn’t hurt but real people make some of the best models. You may just have a look that works well or a personality that shines through making your photos appealing and engaging.

How do I arrange TFP, paid shoots and event modeling?

There are a limited number of TFP shoots available so if you are looking to expand your portfolio in this manner it is recommended that you contact us as soon as possible. If you require a shoot for developing your own concepts, arrangements can be made for you to pay a sitting fee or hourly session rate.

From time to time we are responsible for arranging models for multi-photographer shoots, training sessions and photo events. Models that have had successful TFP sessions with us will be considered first. Models that are available to shoot TFP next and then finally models requesting compensation. These types of shoots can be extremely useful in quickly expanding your portfolio with images from multiple photographers with a range of shooting styles and concepts.

Please feel free to contact us with your ideas and interests so that we can discuss how we can work together.

How much can I make modeling?

There are lots of models out there looking for work, so like most jobs it will depend on how much effort you want to put into it. Creating a strong and versitile portfolio will make marketing yourself that much easier. Professionalism, organisation and communication skills will be extremely valuable when dealing with photographers, coordinators and clients.

What else should I know?

Be professional. Emails to photographers, agencies and potential clients need to be clear and complete, include all relevant information so there is less chance of confusion or misunderstanding later on. If you are serious about modeling, this will go a long way towards getting you a good reputation and more potential interest. People talk. If you are good, others with know. If you are bad, everyone will know.

If you book, show up. It sounds simple but the internet is home to models that “flake” – book then fail to show. Photographers are reluctant to do TFCD shots because there is a high risk that the model will not show up and they have wasted their time in communication, preparation and even setup. Some have even started requesting a deposit from models which will be refunded only when they appear at the scheduled session.

At DSM Photography we know things happen outside your control but we do expect as much advance notice as possible. That said, same day cancellations or failure to call at all will likely result in any TFCD offers being withdrawn.

Take a moment to look around our site, read about Portfolio Development, Stock Photography and TFP/TFCD.

Please contact us if you have any questions or for more information about TFP, TFCD and paid modeling sessions.