TFP is an acronym for Time for Print. With digital photography most TFP shoots are actually delivered to the model as TFCD or Time for CD. In a TFCD shoot the model and the photographer come to an agreement where they trade their time and services to each other. No money is exchanged for a TFCD session.

The model provides his or her time and skill as a model and the photographer provides his skill as a photographer and photo re-toucher. Working together the model and photographer can produce images that support both of thier portfolios and marketing efforts. The key to a successful TFCD shoot lies in the planning. It is important to work together to identify concepts, layouts and any available wardrobe, accessories or props that will support the shoot.

“David is very professional yet he makes you feel comfortable, he always has great ideas and is always open and receptive to ideas and poses you have. I am always impressed with the images I receive from our great shoots together. Hope to work with him again soon:)”

A typical TFCD session will result in 5-10 fully processed images depending on the length of the shoot, the number of wardrobe changes, the model’s ability and the overall success of the shoot. A selection of unprocessed images may be provided online for the model to choose his/her favorites. The predetermined number are then processed and provided on CD. Processing the image includes blemish removal, cropping, color correction and stylizing.

Unless otherwise agreed to in advance, the model will be required to sign a standard model release and all copyrights remain with the photographer.

If you shoot TFP a Model Release will be required and some of the images created at that shoot may be offered as Royalty Free Stock.
How do I arrange TFP, paid shoots and event modeling?

There are a limited number of TFP shoots available so if you are looking to expand your portfolio in this manner it is recommended that you contact us as soon as possible. If you require a shoot for developing your own concepts, arrangements can be made for you to pay a sitting fee or hourly session rate.

From time to time we are responsible for arranging models for multi-photographer shoots, training sessions and photo events. Models that have had successful TFP sessions with us will be considered first. Models that are available to shoot TFP next and then finally models requesting compensation. These types of shoots can be extremely useful in quickly expanding your portfolio with images from multiple photographers with a range of shooting styles and concepts.

Please feel free to contact us with your ideas and interests so that we can discuss how we can work together.